"The process of meaning making results from a dynamic interchange between stored concepts in a child’s mind and the outside world"
- Kate Pahl

"Children do as well as they think they can"
- Julienne Ford

Our ability to educate ourselves – to understand, adapt to, and change the circumstances of our lives and those around us – depends on our early learning experiences.

Despite the increasing importance of decoding and creative expression in audiovisual and ICT media (now referred to as “the new literacies”) the experience of learning to read and write remains the single most important predictor of educational achievement and subsequent life skills. Recent government initiatives such as the Rose Review and the revisions to the National Literacy Strategy recognize the importance of a more systematic approach to early reading which nevertheless emphasises that each child has a unique perspective on the world. Schools and families need to cooperate in supporting beginning readers, and this requires a new generation of reading material for use both at school and in the home.


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