Some further links for research and practice in English literacy

Reading Reform Foundation 
BERA (Brit. Ed. Res. Assoc, Southwell, Notts)
CERUK (NFER database of current research)
CEDAR (ed. devel. & appraisal)
Centre for Lit. Studies
CREC (early childhood res.)
ELF (3rd generation phonics)
EPPI (evidence for policy & practice)
FELL (families & early learning)
Lancs Lit Research
Sheffield University
NCRCL (lang & lit res at Roehampton)
NFER (longstanding res. foundation)
Scottish Education Dept
Year of Reading

Recommended Further Reading

Barton, D. Literacy: An introduction to the ecology of written language
Geertz, C. Local Knowledge
(Basic Books, NY 1983)
Millard, E. Differently Literate: boys, girls and the schooling of literacy
(Routledge, 1997)
Pahl, K. Transformations: Childrens’ meaning making in a nursery
(Trentham Books, 1999)
Pahl, K. & Rowsell, J. Literacy and Education: The new literacy studies in the classroom
(Chapman, 2005)
Plowden, B. Children and Their Primary Schools
(HMSO, 1967)
Tizard, J. Children with Specific Reading Difficulties
(HMSO, 1972)
Vygotsky, L.S. Thought and Language
(MIT 1986)
Whitehead, M.R. Language and Literacy in the Early Years
(Chapman 1990)
Yalon, D. Graphology Across Cultures
(Inst of Graphologists, 2003)

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