logoThere are five ORANGE level story books which will be available in high street shops and online stores from May 2009. The titles are:-

The Witch in the Bus Shelter
Mister Porter’s Alarm Clock
(see inside the book)
The Rastamen
Fishing in the River
Hatched in a Shed

These stories build on the words available at the RED level, according to the principles summarized in the MATRIX . The vocabulary that can be accessed at the ORANGE level therefore includes all the words from the RED stage and also adds:-

1) constant combinations – that is groups of letters always sounding the same. These are:
ch, sh, th, ph;
oo, ee;
ing, ong, ang, ung;
ar, er, ir, or, ur
(not followed by ‘e’);
tion, sion, tial, tious;
and ous (not followed by e).

2) sixteen essential short words that break red level rules.
no, go, so;
he, we, be, me, she, the;
i (I);
to, too;
do, put, are.

In the following illustrative list of words that can be decoded at the ORANGE level those words which were already available at the previous stage are in capitals, and the newly introduced combinations and essential short words are highlighted.
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