logoThere are five YELLOW level story books which will be available in high street shops and online stores from September 2009. The titles are:-
Funny Bunny
The Yellow Fellows
X Marks the Spot
The Mystery of Noodle Squeeze
Yes You Can!
These stories build on the vocabulary available at the ORANGE level, according to the principles summarized in the MATRIX .

The Yellow level introduces :

i) X as in fox (and written as kisses at the end of a letter)
  Y as in yes
  Z as in zoo (and zzzzzzzz…. a bee buzzing)

ii) the words ‘you’, ‘your’, yours

iii) y at end of word, doubling consonant (eg funny, runny, silly, happy)

iv) y modifying vowels : ay, ey, oy (eg day, hey, boy)

v) y as a main vowel in first syllable : (eg by, fly, . try , my)

vi) ‘ow’ words rhyming with ‘yo ho ho’ (eg low, blow)

vii) ‘oe’ (eg toes, goes )

viii) plurals and verb forms from words ending in y (eg flies)

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© copyright Julienne Ford for ELF 2007